McMaster: A great place to be a scientist, a culture of endless curiosity

As Assistant Dean of the Biochemistry Graduate Program, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website!

As the leading research-intensive university in Canada, we pride ourselves on delivering a highly distinguished, world-class graduate training program that leaves our students poised to become global leaders in their fields. Students in our program are focused on solving the most important problems in science today. The research performed in the laboratories of our internationally-recognized faculty members span the entire spectrum of biomedicine – infectious diseases, stem cells, the microbiome, development, metabolism, neurodegenerative diseases, bioinformatics, cancer, and cardiovascular disease – and these are just a handful of examples. Our program is therefore ideally suited to satisfy the curiosity and passion for discovery of anyone interested in the biomedical sciences.

We have adopted a student-centred focus on graduate education. We recognize the complex realities of the modern job market and provide training environments and professional development opportunities that prepare our graduates for their future careers of choice. Our reputation for rigorous and innovative scientific training has left our graduates in high demand at top-tier academic institutions around the world, and in industries that are shaping our economy.

Our laboratories are supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure that only a leading research institution can provide. We have invested heavily to ensure that our students have access to the latest equipment and cutting-edge technologies required to make the kinds of breakthrough discoveries that will leave a lasting impact on their field. This commitment to excellence has placed McMaster firmly in the top 1% of universities in the world, according to international ranking agencies.

The foundation of our excellence lies in the recruitment of only the best and brightest candidates. We value and celebrate diversity, as is reflected in our class of over 120 graduate students. This diversity enriches our community and fosters a culture of inclusion, curiosity, innovation and intellectual fortitude. The exceptional achievements of our students have been recognized by the scientific community at-large, as is evident in the over $650, 000 in external scholarships awarded to our trainees each year.

Recently dubbed “The Brooklyn of Toronto” by the Huffington Post, Hamilton is a large, culturally-diverse city with a rich arts scene, trendy restaurants and beautiful natural features – including over 100 waterfalls! We are ideally situated in the “Golden Horseshoe” area of Ontario, Canada – less than a one hour drive to Toronto, Niagara Falls, or the U.S. border. Hamilton offers all of the amenities of a major international city, but with an affordable cost of living that permits an excellent quality-of-life, especially for students.

After browsing these pages, I hope you will agree that the Biochemistry Graduate Program at McMaster University is the ideal place to study for anyone seeking world-class training in an institution that understands the realities of the modern economy, and puts the student first. I look forward to welcoming you to our community of scholars in the very near future!

Matthew S. Miller, PhD
Assistant Dean – Biochemistry Graduate Program