An intensive, research-driven program designed to fully engage you in your specialized field of study.

Please see the Biochemistry Graduate Program Handbook for more information.

A candidate for the M.Sc. degree is required to spend at least one calendar year in full-time study at McMaster University. The candidate is required to complete satisfactorily not fewer than two half-graduate courses (which must be at the 700-level). The candidate must also present a thesis which will embody the results of original research. The thesis must be defended in an oral examination. The candidate will be required to participate in the departmental seminar program designed to hone lecturing and presentation skills. The Master’s program student will have committee meeting intervals of 6 months, with close supervision ensured by the graduate committee chosen by the student and his/her supervisor. The Biochemistry Graduate Program of study is intensive and thesis research driven, with a goal of publication in respected peer-review journals by the second year of study.

Students who enter our graduate program with a B.Sc. may proceed directly into the Biochemistry Ph.D. program in approximately 12 months without writing up a Master’s thesis. To do this, students are required to undertake a transfer exam. This can occur any time after the student’s first committee meeting but must occur by 18 months of their admission to the program. After review, the department will recommend to the Committee on Graduate Admissions one of the following:

  • Admission to Ph.D. studies following completion of the requirements for the Master’s degree
  • Admission to the Ph.D. studies without having completed a Master’s program
  • Not proceed with Ph.D. studies but complete the Master’s degree
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