Combine your specialized biochemistry studies with our flexible and integrated M.D/Ph.D. program.


Please see the Biochemistry Graduate Program Handbook for more information.

The MD/PhD program will be offered in an integrated format with specific blocks of time provided for activities either in full- or part-time studies in either program. There will be opportunity for flexibility in the arrangement of student curriculum, if requested and/or deemed appropriate, but that is at the discretion of the MD/PhD Program Committee.

MD program fulfillment (in the MD/PhD program): The new MD curriculum, electives and clerkship periods. Horizontal electives (optional in current MD program, not optional in the MD/PhD program) must be completed during graduate research block (3 years). A minimum of 80 hours in horizontal electives must be completed satisfactorily.

PhD program fulfillment (in the MD/PhD program): Time will be allowed for attendance at regular research group meetings while in the MD curriculum. Attendance at MD/PhD program group meetings (faculty and students) will be held a minimum of 3 times annually. In addition, students must complete the requirements noted below in the relevant graduate program.

Candidates must successfully complete the equivalent of three 700-level graduate half courses (credit for satisfactory completion of MD horizontal electives are provided within the graduate program such that only 3 courses are required).

In addition, students must complete the PhD program requirements as outlined in the relevant section of the Graduate Calendar, including the PhD Candidacy Examination and the submission and defence of a research thesis.

Apply Now


  • 4 year Honours B.Sc. or BHSc with a minimum academic standing of 10.5/12 (on the McMaster scale) or 3.5 on a 4 point scale in the final two years of the Bachelor’s degree study in courses relevant to the program. Prospective Biochemistry Graduate Program students require an undergraduate degree in biochemistry; however, students in chemistry, molecular biology, medicine, microbiology or physics may also be admissible.
  • Acceptance to the McMaster MD program. MD applicants must apply through OMSAS for Medical admissions, achieve a high score in the autobiographical submission, and complete the MMI exercise in April. Unsuccessful MD/PhD candidates would continue in the regular admissions process for the MD program.
  • Acceptance to the PhD program in Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences offered through the School of Graduate Studies.
  • Acceptable interview.
  • Demonstrated excellence in research project record or experience in undergraduate studies, or in a graduate program.
  • Two academic references. Referees should address suitability for an MD/PhD program; one reference must be from the supervisor from an undergraduate research project or thesis.
  • Separate statement submitted by the applicant regarding their suitability, motivation, and career plans in MD/PhD studies.
  • Identification of a faculty member who agrees to supervise the student.