Tailored to maximize research productivity, inspire knowledge mobilization and develop specialized experts.

Please see the Biochemistry Graduate Program Handbook for more information.

Our Ph.D. program is tailored to maximize student productivity and learning through basic research. Our philosophy is that the most important goal of a higher degree is to become an expert in a specific field while maintaining sufficient breadth of knowledge to succeed after leaving graduate school. This includes publication in respected peer-reviewed journals, applications for study scholarships, oral and written presentation skills. Our graduates typically secure top-level international post-doctoral fellowships or have industry placements in leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical research companies world wide.

Completion of the Ph.D. degree is normally limited to SIX years from initial registration at the M.Sc. (for students who take the transfer exam) and FOUR years for those registering directly in Ph.D.

Students applying to our program who already hold a M.Sc. degree from another institution can be admitted directly into the Ph.D. program subject to approval from our admissions panel. Such students are required to take a PhD Candidacy Examination typically at 12 months after the student has begun graduate school.

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PhD Candidates must:

  • Give two departmental seminars.  The first will be a 45 minute presentation held between 12-18 months after starting Ph.D. studies and the second will be a 25 minute presentation held during the fourth year.
  • Present the student’s thesis which must embody the results of their original research and give evidence of a high degree of scholarship. The candidate will defend this thesis in a final oral examination at the end of graduate study.