Please see the Biochemistry Graduate Student Handbook for more information.



A candidate for the M.Sc. degree is required to spend at least one calendar year in full-time study at McMaster University. The candidate is required to complete satisfactorily not fewer than two half-graduate courses (which must be at the 700-level).

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Our Ph.D. program is tailored to maximize student productivity and learning through basic research. Our philosophy is that the most important goal of a higher degree is to become an expert in a specific field while maintaining sufficient breadth of knowledge to succeed after leaving graduate school.

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The MD/PhD program will be offered in an integrated format with specific blocks of time provided for activities either in full- or part-time studies in either program. There will be opportunity for flexibility in the arrangement of student curriculum, if requested and/or deemed appropriate, but that is at the discretion of the MD/PhD Program Committee.

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The graduate courses offered by the Department cover a broad range of biochemistry. In addition, courses in other departments/programs, notably Biology, Chemistry, Medical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, and Chemical Biology may be allowed for graduate credit. Students must consult with their supervisor when selecting courses.

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